CHINESE JOURNAL OF OIL CROP SCIENCES ›› 2020, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (1): 127-.doi: 10.19802/j.issn.1007-9084

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Effects of temperature on growth and population trend of Atractomorpha sinensis(I.Bolivar)


  1. College of Plant Protection, Jilin Agricultural University / Innovation Center of Soybean Region Technology, Chang⁃ chun 130118, China
  • Online:2020-02-28 Published:2020-03-10

Abstract: To ascertain the influence of temperature on development, fecundity and population of Atractomor⁃ pha sinensis (I.Bolivar) in field, duration of different developmental stages of the insect were compared in laboratory under constant temperature of 16℃, 20℃, 24℃, 28℃ and 32℃, with photoperiod of 16L:8D at RH 70%. With soy⁃ bean leaves as food, duration, developmental rate of each life stage and reproduction were systematically observed. Developmental threshold temperature and effective accumulated temperature were further calculated. Population trends under different experimental temperatures were also analyzed by life table technology. Results showed that developmental period of each stage of A. sinensis were decreased from 16 to 32 o C, and a significant positive correla⁃ tion between developmental rate and temperature was confirmed by fitting equation. Developmental threshold tem⁃ peratures of egg, nymph and adult were 9.58, 10.55 and 11.40 o C respectively. Effective accumulated temperature were 449.80, 540.03 and 430.94 degree-days respectively. Insect fecundity was the highest at 28℃, with average 66.12 eggs laid per female, followed by 60.30 eggs laid per female at 24 o C and the lowest was 28 eggs at 16 o C. Ex⁃ perimental population trend index was less than 1 under each test temperature, and the maximum was at 24 o C, which was 18.97. These results were expected to provide a scientific basis for field prediction and integrated man⁃ agement of A. sinensis (I.Bolivar). 

Key words: color:#000000, font-family:", sans serif", ,tahoma,verdana,helvetica, font-size:12px, font-style:normal, font-weight:normal, line-height:1.5, text-decoration:none, ">Atractomorpha sinensis (I.Bolivar);developmental period;developmental threshold temperature; effective accumulated temperature;population trend index ,

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