Publishing Process

Editor’s review and single blind peer review process description

All newly submitted manuscripts are first tested in the 'China Knowledge Network Document Misconduct Detection System' (http://check.cnki.net) , before the editor’s first review and peer single-blind review. The repetition rate is lower than 15% of the manuscripts are considered qualified, enter the editing system, and send the editor for preliminary review. Manuscripts with a repetition rate higher than 15% and less than 30% will be returned to the author for revision and resubmitted.

Magazine strictly implements single blind peer review system. Each manuscript is preliminary review by the associate editor. In addition, manuscripts are reviewed by two external audit experts from the same profession and the review process for papers. If both external audit experts agree that the paper is of poor quality, publication is not recommended, and the article is rejected. If both external audit experts agree that the paper is of good quality, the article will be included in the final review. If both external audit experts agree to recommend publication after modifications, the authors will be notified of the required modifications, and the revised draft will be reviewed again before entering the final review. If one of the external audit experts believes the article to be of good quality and recommends publication while the other expert considers the paper to be of poor quality and does not recommend publication, then, a third expert will be invited to review the article, and acceptance, rejection or modification will be decided according to the third expert’s opinion. The revised manuscript will be reviewed and approved by the expert before entering the final review.






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