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Construction of wild soybean backcross introgression lines


  1. 1. Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030, China;  2. Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Changchun 130000,China;  3. Jiamusi Branch Academy of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiamusi 154007,China
  • Online:2020-02-28 Published:2020-03-02

Abstract:  To excavate the excellent rare gene of wild soybean, this study had been carried out since 2006, Sui⁃ nong 14 (recurrent parent) and wild soybean ZYD00006 (donor parent) were used as parents to construct a set of chromosome fragment introduction lines (substitution lines) covering the whole genome of wild soybean through hy⁃ bridization, backcross and marker assisted selection. A total of 192 plant rows in this population, included 237 wild soybean introduction fragments, with the average number of introduction fragments per linkage group of 11.85. The total length of the introduction fragment was 1865.17cM with the coverage of 83.23% of wild soybean genome. The coverage rate of linkage group L was the highest of 100%; linkage group N had the least coverage, of 53.17%. The maximum length of segment was 43.30 cM and the minimum one was 0.22 cM. Highly consistent genetic back⁃ ground was of great significance for excavating important genes of soybean and wild soybean-specific excellent gene. At the same time, the introduction of wild resources greatly enriched the genetic basis of cultivated soybean, and further enriched the phenotypic variation of the introgression lines, providing an important material basis for soybean genetic breeding. 

Key words: yild soybean;whole genome;backcross introgression lines 回交导入系(introgression line, IL)又称染色体 片段导入系(chromosome segment introgression line,

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