CHINESE JOURNAL OF OIL CROP SCIENCES ›› 2021, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (4): 573-.doi: 10.19802/j.issn.1007-9084.2020247

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Genetic model analysis of peanut pod traits in nested-crossing population


  1. Henan Academy of Crop Molecular Breeding,Henan Academy of Agriculture Science / Postgraduate T&R Base of Zhengzhou University / State Industrial Innovation Center of Biological Breeding / Key Laboratory of Oil Crops in Huang-Huai-Hai Plains, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs / Henan Provincial Key Laboratory for Oil Crops Improvement, Zhengzhou 450002, China
  • Online:2021-08-28 Published:2021-08-27


The genetic pattern of pod traits were analysed using the major gene plus polygene model in five combinations of F2 families of a nested crossing population in peanut to dissect the genetic variation in nested crossing population. Results revealed rich variations in the five pod traits in the nested combination. The ranges of pod length, pod width, and hundred-pod weight were(14.30-22.09)mm -(38.36-45.12)mm,(7.06-10.47)mm -(17.13-22.74)mm, and(62.41-94.38)g -(266.75-364.00)g, respectively. There was a strong positive correlation between pod length and pod width, pod surface area, pod surface perimeter and hundred-pod weight, but little correlation with ratio of pod length to pod width; pod width was positively correlated with pod surface area, pod surface perimeter and hundred-pod weight, but negatively correlated with pod length to width ratio. The genetic models of different pod traits in different combinations were different, and the best genetic models were two major gene of additive - dominant model and two major gene of additive - dominant - epistatic model. The heritability of major genes was 22.79% - 91.62%, and the genetic effects of the major genes in different families differed to each other, which implied the effects of multiple alleles or non-alleles as well as the genetic background on the pod traits. The results provide material and genetic basis for the further QTL mapping of pod traits and peanut breeding of specific pod shapes.

Key words: peanut (Arachis hypogaea l.), nested-crossing population, pod traits, major gene plus polygene model

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