CHINESE JOURNAL OF OIL CROP SCIENCES ›› 2022, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 687-698.doi: 10.19802/j.issn.1007-9084.2021177

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Progress on WRI1 regulation of plant oil biosynthesis

Long-fei JIN(), Li-xia ZHOU, Hong-xing CAO, Yao-dong YANG()   

  1. Coconut Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science/Hainan Key Laboratory of Tropical Oil Crops Biology, Wenchang 571339, China
  • Received:2021-06-23 Online:2022-08-25 Published:2022-08-30
  • Contact: Yao-dong YANG E-mail:jlf_0511@163.com;yyang@catas.cn


Oil is the main energy storage substance and an important membrane component of plant. Oil is also involved in the signal transduction, stomatal opening and closing, pollination and fertilization, seed germination, and stress response. WRINKLED 1 (WRI1), a member of the AP2 transcription factor family, is master regulator in transcriptional control of plant oil biosynthesis. This paper reviewed recent advances in regulatory mechanism of WRI1 on plant oil biosynthesis, including (1) the discovery, origin, and evolutionary characteristics of WRI1; (2) gene expression characteristics, gene structure, protein structure, and promoter cis-acting elements of WRI1; (3) regulation mechanism of transcription level and translation level, and downstream target genes of WRI1; (4) the future research direction and application prospects. This review is expected to provide a reference for further understanding the molecular mechanism of WRI1 regulating plant oil synthesis, and also provide a theoretical basis for improving oil crops with WRI1.

Key words: WRI1, oil, biosynthesis, regulational mechanism, target gene

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