CHINESE JOURNAL OF OIL CROP SCIENCES ›› 2022, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (5): 996-1005.doi: 10.19802/j.issn.1007-9084.2021224

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Identification and analysis of soybean DELLA gene family

Shuai LIANG(), Qing-shan CHEN, Zi-kun ZHU, Dong-dong LI, Zhao-ming QI(), Da-wei XIN()   

  1. School of Agriculture, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150000, China
  • Received:2021-08-27 Online:2022-10-25 Published:2022-10-31
  • Contact: Zhao-ming QI,Da-wei XIN E-mail:1341759044@qq.com;qizhaoming1860@126.com;xdawei@163.com;qizhaoming1860@126.com


DELLA is a main regulator of interaction between plants and environment and plant development. It is a negative regulatory protein involved in gibberellin signaling pathway and plays an important role in affecting the expression of plant hormone related genes and regulating symbiosis establishment and growth and development between plants and microorganisms. In this study, bioinformatics methods were used to analyze the gene structure, location information, protein structure, conserved motif phylogenetic tree, cis elements, synteny analyses and gene expression of DELLA gene family in soybean. The results showed that DELLA gene family has seven members in soybean genome, which were located on seven different chromosomes. These genes had a single exon and N-terminal DELLA domain, and similar motif distribution, which proved that DELLA gene family was highly conserved. The phylogenetic tree showed that this family had three subfamilies. It’s promoter region contained a large number of cis acting elements, including elements involved in plant hormone response, drought induction and light response. Soybean DELLA genes Glyma.11G216500, Glyma.18G040000, Glyma.08G095800 and Glyma.05G140400 displayed better synteny with AT1G14920, AT1G66350 and AT2G01570 in Arabidopsis. Glyma.18G040000 and Glyma.11G216500 were expressed in various tissues of soybean, and the expression amount was relatively high. The above conclusions enrich our understanding of soybean DELLA gene family and lay a light on the further study of soybean DELLA gene function.

Key words: soybean, DELLA, gene family, bioinformatics analysis

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