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Genome-wide identification and expression of DELLA protein gene family in Brassica napus


  1. Qinghai University; Qinghai Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences; Key Laboratory of Spring Rape Genetic Improvement Qinghai Province; Qinghai Sub-center of National Rape Improvement Center; Spring rapeseed scientific observation experimental station of the Ministry of Agriculture; Qinghai Province Spring Rapeseed Research and Development Center, Xining, 810016, China
  • Online:2019-06-28 Published:2019-09-02


DELLA protein is a key factor involved in GA regulatory pathways and plays an important role in regulating plant growth and development. In order to reveal the distribution and characteristics of DELLA protein family in Brassica napus, family members, sequence characteristics, evolutionary relationships and tissue expression were analyzed using bioinformatics. The results showed that there were 13 DELLA protein genes in Brassica napus, located in 8 chromosomes with 2 random sequences (chrC09_random and chrCnn_random); The phylogenetic tree analysis found that the family was clustered into 4 subfamilies. One subfamily contains 7 genes, and the second, third and fourth subfamilies each included 2 genes. The expression analysis of different tissues showed tissue-specific expression in each tissue, and BnaA10g17240D, BnaC09g40420D、BnaCnng68300D and BnaC05g47760D were relatively high in each tissue. Among the stems, BnaA06g34810D、BnaA09g18700D and BnaC09g52270D had the highest expression. This study provided a reference for studying the genes functionality in the future. 

Key words:  Brassica napus L. , DELLA gene family , gene expression