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Transgenic soybean germplasm creation of GmGBP1 interference and its regulation of alternative splicing of downstream genes


  • Online:2019-06-28 Published:2019-09-02


GmGBP1 is a gene related to the photoperiod flowering time of soybean. In this experiment, GmGBP1 gene was used as the target, and the plant tissue culture was carried out by the soybean cotyledonary node transformation method to obtain T2 generation GmGBP1 interference transgenic soybean material and molecular detection. The transcript was sequenced to obtain alternative splicing data, and the alternative splicing genes in the sequencing results of WT and GmGBP1-i interference soybean leaves were further verified by RT-PCR. A total of three genes were alternatively spliced, indicating that the decrease of GmGBP1 interference expression caused the alternative splicing of downstream genes, which could affect the flowering time of soybean. This research provided a basis for further study of the function of soybean GmGBP1 gene, and laid a theoretical basis for the mechanism of soybean flowering induction.

Key words:  Soybean, GmGBP1 gene, plant tissue culture, alternative splicing.