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Bioinformatic analysis of globulin gene family in Arachis duranensis


  1. Crop Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fuzhou 350013, China
  • Online:2019-06-28 Published:2019-09-02


To get insight into globulin genes in Arachis duranensis, genome-wide identification and expression analysis of AdARA gene family were investigated using bioinformatics methods. The results showed that A. duranensis contained 9 globulin genes, physicochemical among the family members were not significant, Motif compose of the closely related proteins were similar. Phylogenetic of globulins revealed that evolutionary relationship of globulins accorded with genetic relationship between species. AdARA proteins were conservative in evolution process and under negative selection, but positively selected sites were identified at a clade. By analyzing RNA-seq transcriptome data of cultivar peanut, it showed that 15 Arachin genes were expressed in seed, the expression of 4 Arachin genes greatly exceeded the others, the expression level of 4 Arachin genes were also high at Pattee stage 10. 

Key words: Arachis duranensis, Globulin gene family, bioinformation, phylogenetic, selective pressure, expression pattern