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Cloning and function of GsWRKY57 transcription factor gene response to drought stress #br#


  1. Oil Crop Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Im?
    provement of Oil Crops, Ministry of Agriculture, Wuhan 430062,China
  • Online:2019-08-28 Published:2019-10-18


The WRKY transcription factor is an important transcription factor found in plants in recent years, it plays an important role in the process of plant stress resistance. In order to analyze the mechanism of GsWRKY57 transcription factors in the process of resistance response, a full –length CDS of GsWRKY57 gene was cloned by an? alyzing wild soybean leaf transcriptome data. Sequence analysis showed that GsWRKY57 cDNA contained 903bp ORF encoding a protein of 300 amino acids residues with molecular mass of 34.23 kD and theoretical pI of 5.88. Gs? WRKY57 protein contained a WRKY conservative domain structure, belonging to the class III WRKY transcription factors. Phylogenetic tree analysis demonstrated GsWRKY57 shared the highest homology with Glycine max, fol?
lowed by Vigna angularis, Cajanus cajan. The promoter analyses identified the putative cis-acing regulatory ele? ments of GsWRKY57. Tissue specific expression analysis indicated GsWRKY57 was ubiquitously expressed in leaves, stems, flowers, pods and roots, with the highest level in leaves and the lowest in root. Its expression was sig? nificantly induced by jasmonate, salicylic acid, abscisic acid and drought. Over-expression of GsWRKY57 increased drought stress tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis lines.

Key words: Glycine soja, GsWRKY57, transcription factor, overexpression, drought stress