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Pedigree analysis of soybean varieties released in Shanxi Province from 1973 to 2017


  1. Industrial Crop Research Institute,Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Taiyuan 030031, China
  • Online:2019-08-28 Published:2019-10-18


 In order to provide useful reference for the selection and breeding of soybean parents, pedigrees of 84 released soybean varieties in Shanxi Province from 1973 to 2017 were analyzed and the ancestors and backbone parents of soybean varieties were summarized. The results revealed that: these 84 soybean varieties mainly originat? ed from 3 major families, namely Jindou 1, Jindou 19 and Xudou 1. The gene pool of 84 soybean varieties originated from 110 ancestral parents, 110 nuclear ancestors, and 39 cytoplasmic ancestors. The ancestors with a high rate of nuclear genetic contribution include 16 germplasm such as Dabaima, Binhaidabaihua, Tongshantianedan, and Mamatan. The largest cytoplasmic genetic contribution rate is Dabaima, followed by Dan 66-12 and Jingguyu. Among the 84 soybean varieties in Shanxi Province, the genealogical varieties accounted for 80.95 % of the total. Jindou 1 was bred into 36 soybean varieties as a parent, accounting for 42.9 % of the total number of cultivars, and made great contributions to soybean breeding in Shanxi Province.

Key words: Shanxi Province, released cultivars, soybean, pedigree analysis, backbone parent